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Amazon is now selling slate pencil or chalk for ‘eating’. Isn’t it weird, right?

New Delhi: E-commerce giant Amazon is making headlines with the sale of edible slate pencils. Amazon has put edible slate pencils for sale for those who have a habit of eating slate pencils or chalk. This habit is more common in children. This is an eating disorder. It is also known as Pica. Pica is an eating disorder in which a person wants to eat things that they would not normally eat.

Amazon is selling chalk that is not harmful to the body and contains non-nutrients. The Amazon site states that these slate pencils can be used for writing or eating. Many people have ordered these eating slate pencils. People with Pica Disorder say that these slate pencils from Amazon are very tasty. Chalk contains calcium carbonate. Although not a toxin, they are unhealthy to eat. Furthermore, it is not clear whether such edible chalk is FSSAI approved. Amazon, meanwhile, has come under fire for selling edible chalk. Critics point out that Amazon is taking advantage of people with eating disorders and that the company is promoting eating disorders.

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