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Diabetes and Blood donation : Read to know more

Diabetics often restrict the people having diabetics from performing various activities due to the myths connected with the disease. One of the common beliefs is that you cannot donate blood if you are suffering from diabetes. Blood donation is a willing scheme that can help save lives. You need to satisfy the standards for blood donation tests before making a donation. Let’s see if you can donate blood or not..

Diabetic people donating blood

Dr. Anand S¬†Deshpande says, “Many believe that people with diabetes cannot donate blood. There is a myth that by donating blood, blood sugar levels fluctuate. But this doesn’t happen.”

“People with diabetes can undoubtedly donate blood. The blood sugar levels need to be within the normal levels. Those who are taking insulin are deferred from donations. If the patient is on an oral hypoglycemic, they can undoubtedly donate blood,” he adds.

When not to donate blood?

Dr. Manoj Chadha explains, “Diabetes is a disease of metabolism. It affects the patient’s body, not the blood. As long as the patient does not have underlined chronic complications of diabetes like heart disease or kidney problems, there is absolutely no reason why he or she cannot donate blood.”

Diabetics should follow the same cares like having a reasonable amount of haemoglobin, healthy blood sugar numbers, healthy blood pressure and they should not have had any infection in the recent past.

“The drill is checking the blood group and hemoglobin and your blood pressure needs to be controlled. Diabetes does not cause an infection like other diseases. If a patient is fit to donate blood, they should go ahead and donate. Donating blood can help save someone’s life,” Dr. Chadha.

Getting ready for blood donation :

Dr. Chadha further guides that “Do not fast for blood donation. Have a good meal and provide your sample before donating. Some people feel giddy, so it’s advisable to have a proper meal and not go on an empty stomach.”

“We need to break this myth. Every healthy individual should try donating blood. At blood banks and centres, as experts, we care for the recipient and the donor’s safety and diabetic should not hesitate,” concludes Dr. Deshpande.


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