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Covid-19 Update: Recovery rate reached at 90.3% in Oman

The recovery rate has reached at 90.3% in Oman.  The fatality rate is at 1.1% in the country. This was updated by the Ministry of Health in the country.

The total number of confirmed cases in Oman has reached at 160,018. The overall recoveries now stand at 144,639. The death toll is firm at 1681. At present there are 13698 active cases in the country. In this 160 people are admitted in ICUs.

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In the month of March 104 people died due the infection. The daily death rate was at 3.5 in March. It was at 1.6 in February. Oman the Sultanate since the start of the pandemic was seen in October 2020 (9.7 deaths).

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