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You should moisturize your hands after each hand wash. Know the reason

Frequent use of sanitizers and soaps can cause the skin in hand to lose moisture and become dry. You need to use a moisturizing cream that is suitable for your skin to keep the skin hydrated and reduce skin itching and rashes. Most of the sanitizers and soaps we use today contain alcohol. In addition to helping to flush out germs, it can also cause itching and allergies on the skin, leading to a variety of skin diseases. So use a moisturizing cream after washing your hands and drink plenty of water.

Similarly, the skin is more susceptible to climate change as well as germs, so the skin needs protection. Regular hand-washing opens the pores of the skin. Later, the mucus may accumulate in the skin again through the pores. When a moisturizing cream is applied, these pores close and the skin is protected. If you do not have a moisturizing cream on hand, you can use oil instead. If skincare is what you want, after washing your hands, apply a moisturizing cream that does not contain too many artificial ingredients and drink plenty of water.


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