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‘ BJP is not an election-winning machine’: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that BJP is not an election winning machine. Prime Minister claimed that BJP is on a continuous and relentless campaign to win hearts of people in India. Narendra Modi said this while speaking on the occasion of the BJP’s 41st foundation day.

“Those who say we are an election-winning machine cannot understand the maturity of the Indian democracy and the intelligence of the voters; they cannot understand the hopes and aspirations of the Indian voters. The BJP is not an election-winning machine, but is on a continuous, relentless campaign to win hearts,” Narendra Modi said.

“We serve the people faithfully whether in the government or not; we are connected with the people. We do not take pride that our party won; we take pride that the people of this country made us win. In BJP, workers toil hard and thousands of workers have made sacrifices…In Kerala and in West Bengal our workers are threatened, attacked and their families are also not spared… but they are steadfast in their resolve to live and die for the country, this is the uniqueness of the BJP workers. On the other hand, you have seen what happens to family and dynasty-oriented politics. The parties that talked about regional aspirations have eventually become a family-owned parties and the results are here for all to see. These parties wore a fake mask of secularism which is now being taken off,” he said.


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