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Country lifts travel ban on direct flights

A country has lifted the travel ban imposed on direct flights from UAE. The travel restriction in place from the UAE and Scotland has been lifted. “From 4am on 9 April, direct flights from the UAE to Scotland will no longer be prohibited,” said the British Embassy.

But direct flights to England, Wales and Northern Ireland are still prohibited. The travel ban between the UAE and the UK came into effect on January 29.

British and Irish citizens, and third-country citizens living in the UK, arriving in England from the UAE will still be required to enter hotel quarantine. Other visitors to the UK who have been in or transited through the UAE in the previous 10 days will not be permitted entry.

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“The UAE is currently on the UK’s red list, which means that you will only be permitted to enter the UK from the UAE if you are a British or Irish national, or you have residence rights in the UK”, said Etihad Airways.


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