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Jewelry brand’s ad on transwoman is winning the internet

Themed as pure as love this ad is winning the internet for all the right reasons. Unlike the traditional jewellery advertisements that imply that jewellery is only reserved for one gender Kerala-based jewellery brand released an ad that describes the journey of a transwoman. The new ‘Bhima Jewellers’ advertisement shows the journey of a transwoman from adulthood to marriage in a heart-touching manner. The ad shows the lives and  journey of  an unshaven, nervous young man to a beautiful free woman. Instead of the usual stigma and rejection by parents, the advertisement shows how beautiful it gets if parents accept their children as they are irrespective of their sexuality or gender. The advertisement gracefully takes you through the transformation as it slowly introduces femininity in the protagonist’s life without any unnecessary melodrama. It is a respectful homage and a norm-breaking effort.


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