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Know the side effects of refined oil

We know that oil is bad for our health. The moderate use of it is not harmful, but overuse and misuse can be harmful to health. The fact is that the use of oils is one of the main obstacles to heart health, including cholesterol. We have now switched from coconut oil in the past to refined oil. Refined oil is worn by many in a way that is good. But this is not good. Refined oil is one of the most harmful things. Refined oil is treated with chemicals. It is purified using chemicals such as hexane.

When purified in this way, they are converted to Rancidity polyunsaturated fatty acids. This means that when heated, they quickly turn into unhealthy trans fats. Nickel is used to purifying certain oils. It causes conditions like cancer. It affects the lungs, skin, and liver. Sodium hydroxide is used to purify oils. These are harmful to the digestive system. Causes ulcers, gastroenteritis, cysts, and tumors. When the oil is refined, that is, when it is refined, it goes through many conditions such as bleaching, de waxing, de-ordering, de-gumming, and de-acidification. All of these destroy the natural properties of oils, including chlorophyll. The oil is subject to oxidation. It can adversely affect both the lungs and the brain. This reduces the blood flow to the brain.


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