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“Employee absent for 15 years” ; Got 4 Crore as Salary!!!

A health department representative in Italy has been blamed for skipping work for 15 years. The man had stopped coming to the office in 2005 but was paid a salary amounting to a sum of 5,38,000 euros. As per local reports, Salvatore Scumace now aged 67 encounters charges of forgery and misuse of duty.

Salvatore Sasumas was nicknamed the ‘Prince of the Unemployed’ by the Italian media. The scholar last served at Puglitz CACCO Hospital in Catanzaro in 2005. Later, Salvatore Scumace earned a salary of 5 5,38,000 (approximately Rs. 4.86 crores). An investigation is underway into charges that about six people from the same hospital, like Salvatore Scumace, were robbed of their money. Scumace’s absence in the office endured unchecked after the director retired as the successor did not notice the absence. The employee without coming to work continued to obtain a salary from the government.

Following an initial investigation, police gathered evidence and statements from various hospital staff. There are records of Scumace threatening a hospital director who questioned him for not appearing for work in 2005. As a precautionary measure, Sasumas was transferred to the Fire Emergency Operations Center (COI) at Catanzaro Hospital. After the retirement of the then director, the successor HR department did not pay enough attention to this. Schumacher benefited from the fact that none of the staff even bothered to check attendance. But after 15 years of fraud, Scumace is finally out of jail.

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