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Why do air hostesses greet you when you board a plane? There’s a secret behind it

Do you ever think why do air hostesses greet you when you board a plane? Air hostesses say ‘welcome’ with a colorful smile as we board the plane. While this may seem like a thank you for choosing their airline for the trip, but the actual thing is not this. Tiktok star and air hostess Kat Kamalani clarified the reasons behind the welcome greeting. Kat Kamalani, who has about 6 million TikTok followers, reveals that this greeting is meant to understand the physical condition and health of each passenger, and the welcome greeting is to ‘scan’ those who are physically able to run to help in the event of an accident or any problems during the journey.

“So when you walk on the airplane and see our happy, smiling face, we’re actually looking you up and down, and we are trying to find our ABPs,” the Salt-Lake-City-based flight attendant said in the video. People who qualify as ABPs (able body person) include military personnel, pilots, firefighters, cops, and doctors, who can assist with medical emergencies or help in situations when the pilot needs to land the plane or if there is a security breach, she said.


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