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Western Australia premier says this about India’s Covid-19 tests

Mark McGowan, the Premier of the Western Australia state has accused that the Covid-19 tests conducted in India were either inaccurate or unreliable. The Australian leader said this  after four people who returned from India were tested positive during their hotel quarantine.

“I have just been advised at this morning’s emergency management team meeting that 78 of the 79 passengers on this flight had been in India recently. Our expectation is the number of positive cases from this group of people will grow and potentially grow significantly.¬† We obviously have a problem with India. Some of the tests conducted in India either aren’t accurate or aren’t believable, and clearly that’s causing some issues here,” McGowan said.

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McGown also urged people to not to travel to India unless there was an extreme emergency. ” In the middle of a pandemic that is killing hundreds of thousands of people across India, there is no need to go to India for anything but the most extreme of reasons now. I can’t think of many reasons to be allowed to travel”, added McGowan.


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