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‘If nothing fits don’t wear it’, Lisa Haydon shares pregnancy mantra from the past

Lisa Haydon shared an Instagram post with her son Leo ahead of the arrival of her third child. Flaunting her growing baby belly she wrote about some serious fashion goals she gained during her pregnancy. The actress says that it took three pregnancies for her to know the style game right. She wrote, “It’s taken three pregnancies to figure out how to dress my bump. And I still find it quite a struggle sometimes. I know most of you think I don’t wear anything when I’m pregnant and that is also true. I have subscribed to “if nothing fits don’t wear it” in the past. However, after 4 years of consecutive shape shifting and this most likely to be my last pregnancy I thought to talk about what’s worked for me. This is a dress I wear for most of our evening going out type of occasions. It’s super stretchy and one of the few things I bought this pregnancy. I’ve mainly worn stuff that will work with and without a bump to ensure everything is usable long-term. Leo just won’t let me put him down these days and most every shoot done at home becomes a family affair… life doesn’t stop for the gram.”



She also posted another photo in a black flowy dress and captioned, “The tent dress …. I’ve been rocking a few versions of this silhouette lately. It’s my most go to comfy outfit. Fitting on the top and then soooo much space under that I can actually forget how much space I’ve been taking up lately.”


Recently, Lisa shared her nervousness about her third baby. She wrote: “Any other moms out there nervous about another baby coming along while you still have a baby in your arms? I worry about his little emotions, how will he feel and express himself while he’s yet learning how to talk. Precious boy you are so loved and will be ever so even when your sister arrives in ten weeks.”


Lisa got married to Dino Lalvani in October 2016, gave birth to her first baby Zack in 2017 and the second baby, Leo, in February 2020.



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