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‘AP strain of coronavirus is 15 times more lethal’: Know the reason

As per medical experts, the AP strain of coronavirus ( N440K) is 15 times more dangerous. It is more stronger and lethal than the other Indian variants of virus like B1.617 and B.1.618.

As per experts, the AP strain is the main reason behind the recent surge in the coronavirus cases in Andhra Pradesh. This variant is found spreading in Telangana, parts of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka. The new strain was first discovered in Kurnool.

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“We have observed that the new variant has shorter incubation period and the progress of the disease is much rapid. In the earlier cases, a patient affected with the virus would take at least a week to reach the hypoxia or dyspnea stage. But in the present context, patients are reaching the serious condition stage within three or four days. And that is why there is heavy pressure on beds with oxygen or ICU beds,” said District COVID Special Officer and Principal of Andhra Medical College P.V. Sudhakar.


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