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‘Need full lockdown, Union government’s inaction is killing many innocent people.’: Rahul Gandhi

Congress MP from Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi has asked the union government to impose a full lockdown in the country. The Congress leader said that full lockdown is the only way to stop the coronavirus pandemic. He also accused that the union government’s inaction is killing many innocent people.

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” I just want to make it clear that a lockdown is now the only option because of a complete lack of strategy by GOI. They allowed, rather, they actively helped the virus reach this stage where there’s no other way to stop it. A crime has been committed against India”, tweeted Rahul Gandhi.

“GOI doesn’t get it. The only way to stop the spread of Corona now is a full lockdown- with the protection of NYAY for the vulnerable sections. GOI’s inaction is killing many innocent people,” tweeted Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress leader has been criticizing the union government over the coronavirus situation in India for the last many days. He accused the central government of being “policy paralysed” and also alleged that the administration is not allowing actual data about coronavirus to reach the people.



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