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“Reasons behind BJP’s failure in the Kerala assembly election” ; Viral report

The BJP did not gain a single seat in the Kerala assembly polls. Many people review and share similar views and posts. Many focuses where BJP went wrong. This VIRAL note is one of them.

If we ask why we lost, Here is the answer;

Wrenched booth activity and helicopter campaign as the election appear near. Requesting for a separate slot other than the working constituency, creating confusion and damaging unity inside the party will make you only a clown in front of the media, will not bring in votes. The leader should stay and support with the mindset of every party worker.

The party should stay with the people day and night. They require to be actively associated with their problems and support the people as one among them. That is the achievement of the leaders in the CPM, including Shivan Kutty. Despite being a gold smuggling party, anyone can call or visit at any time and they are all accessible to all. At the same time, if you ask the residence details of O Rajagopal in Nemom, no one even knows where it is.

Whoever attempts to reach Mr.Shivan Kutty, will be called back within ten minutes. The 2016 election befell at a time when a close relative of mine died in an accident. Even though the boy was a BJP member, Shivan Kutty used to visit the house for three days since the demise. At the same time, no BJP workers showed up during the tough time. This is our fault.

People vote for those who are always cooperating with them. There they consider only the requirement and not the concept. Wealthy ones who live above money may only look at the idea but for an ordinary person, he looks for satisfying his needs. The CPM, which is not in power in any other state, can only gain a place in the minds of the people if it understands that works with a do-or-die attitude.

The BJP leaders in Kerala, who are under the guise of being the ruling party at the Center, are roaming in the helicopter with a heroic statement that the government will form now if they get 35 seats without implementing the required agendas at the right time. This is the reason for our failure in the polls.

If the party pays maximum attention to the affairs of the workers, then the party workers will take good care of the activities. The success of the party will depend on whether the party and its leaders support and shade all the problems of the workers in the first place.

Concerning the CPM party, every worker is considered a full-time employee. They are maximizing the party fund for their workers as jobs and overtime pay. They will do it, even if they rob, or by the back door propaganda. Authority or power is their sole concept. A strong policy that ensures the well-being of its workers will fetch good results. If the BJP does not consider it, it will not touch the ground in 2026. Discipline should be taught to those who turn their backs on the media and get seats.

Leaders who appear in the constituency only during the election era should be eliminated from the party itself. Kerala needs to make a breakthrough like Tamil Nadu by empowering a new leadership.

Management says so,“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business”…That’s what we need!!!

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