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Woman with ‘world’s biggest mouth’ fits in large McDonald’s fries in one go

Samantha Ramsdell is becoming quite viral on social media, because of her big mouth. Her videos gathered a million views and were shared on all platforms.

Most recently, the Connecticut-based woman posted another video on her page that has excited netizens. In it, she is seen filling her face with large McDonald’s fries.

This occurred only because of a comment made by the user, asking her to eat the fries in one go.

Take a look at the video shared by Ramsdell.

“Can I do a large McDonald’s fry in one bite,” the caption said.

At first, she shows the fries to the camera before she ate them all. 1 by 1, she puts each fry inside her mouth. Within some minutes, all of them fit in her mouth perfectly. Later, she shows that she has emptied the entire packet and chasms all of them down her throat.

She gives a thumbs up saying ‘delicious’, in the end.

The video, which was posted on April 22 and has gone viral ever since it was posted on YouTube and TikTok. Netizens were quite excited by what she did. “You go girl,” one user said. While another one just wondered how she was able to do that.

Samantha Ramsdell is not doing this for the first time, she has put big food items in her mouth. Beforehand, she has taken in one huge sandwich from Chick-Fil-A that confused netizens to bits.


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