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Man arrested for using Covid-19 relief loans to buy luxury cars

USA: US police has arrested a man for using Covid-19 relief loans to buy luxury cars. Californian police has arrested a man identified as Mustafa Qadiri for using the Covid-19 relief money for buying premium luxury cars. He was arrested by the police on last week.

As per reports, Mustafa Qadiri defraud the Paycheck Protection Program. The Paycheck Protection Program has been launched to to help small businesses struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic. Qadiri also used someone else’s name, Social Security number and signature to fraudulently apply for one of the loans.

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He received 5 million US dollar. He spent the money to pay for vacation trips, personal expenses and to buy a Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini.

Police have seized the Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini cars that Qadiri purchased, along with about 2 million US dollar from his bank accounts.  Qadiri was released on US dollar 100,000 bond. The trial has been scheduled on June 29.


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