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Divorced mom collects lifelike dolls after kids move in with father

Liz Watson, a 42-year-old stay-at-home mother from Clifton, Virginia in the US has declared herself as a reborn mother since 2016. After her divorce in 2010, her children all went to live with their father. In order to deal with the loss, she spent thousands of dollars on lifelike human dolls. Watson discovered the hobby online and via YouTube and has since built an entire nursery for her collection of ‘reborn’ baby dolls. The lifelike dolls are made from silicone and vinyl and are created to imitate real human babies.

Speaking about the same, Watson said, “Deciding for Dylan and Asher to live with their father was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. It was like giving my children up for adoption. In the back of my head, I had haunting thoughts like, ‘Will they even remember that they spent half of their childhood living in my home?’ and, ‘Will my other two children remember the times we shared and grow up being close to their older brother and sister?”

Liz Watson added, “The dolls really give me comfort because I connect them with the feelings I had of being a mother to my two older children when they were young. I know these dolls won’t grow up, they won’t get taken from me, a divorce will not affect my ability to care for them. I know they will never leave me.”

She also said, “Many collectors, including myself, tend to feel alone in this hobby because there aren’t many people who understand how these dolls enrich our lives. Having the reborn community is a blessing to me and so many other collectors because it gives us a place to belong, to not feel judged, and to share our joy that we have because of our dolls.”


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