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Mollywood celebrities criticizes and questions CPM’s decision

Thiruvananthapuram: The ruling party in Kerala, CPM is facing severe criticism from social media and celebrities after the exclusion of former Kerala health minister K K Shailaja from the new government. A hashtag campaign has been launched by film celebrities and netizens to bring back Shailaja.  On social media, people have been using  trending hashtags such as #bringourteacherback ,#BringBackShailajaTeacher to criticise CPM.

“#beingourteacherback @shailajateacherdeserves to be in the cabinet and the people of the state deserve her able leadership!(Sic).” tweeted Malayalam actress actor Parvathy Thiruvothu .  “@CMOKeralaWe deserve better than this! #bringourteacherback One of the most able leaders of our times! A rarity, really! @shailajateacherled the state through the most difficult of medical emergencies,” tweeted the actress on Tuesday.

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“Penninedha kuzhappam? If a landslide record win and 5 years of world class service can’t give you space in CPI(M) , what can? This mandate was for you K K Shailaja Teacher. For being the human face of this party. For your hard work. #bringourteacherback #BringBackShailajaTeacher,” actress Rima Kallingal said in a Facebook post.

, “To give chance to new leaders is a good thought but not at the cost of such legendary leaders who played such a huge role in governing and rescuing us during some of the biggest calamities our state has faced. She deserves more. #bringbackshailajateacher”, said actress Rajisha Vijayan .

“At a time when people need hope, confidence and faith more than ever, it is upsetting to see that a high performing minister like @shailajateacher who has won by such a majority, will not be in the cabinet as minister to do what is good for the people. She and her work have been so inspiring for many, especially women. Her growth signified to us that times are changing progressively- that merit in the individual is what matters. Or did I get that wrong?” wrote  filmmaker Anjali Menon.

CPM has made it clear that the decision taken by party will be final and no change will be brought out.



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