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JCB machine rescues elephant from pit; IFS officer says ‘hand of god’

A video of forest department officials in Karnataka helped an elephant get out of a pit, using the JCB machine has gone viral on social media. The officials stretched a hand of the JCB machine to push the elephant from behind in its endeavor to climb up the mound of loose earth. The incident happened in the Kodagu district of Karnataka.

In the video, the elephant seems to be resisting the help by swinging its trunk at first but later accepted the help to get out of the pit. After safely getting out of the pit, the animal turned to fight the machine, mistaking it as a threat. After a few seconds of gentle pushing and shoving, it went back into the forest. The officials also burst a small cracker to nudge it away from the area and prevent any further escalation in tension with the elephant.

Praveen Kaswan, Indian Forest Service Officer praised the officials and shared the video of the elephant rescuing on Twitter and wrote, “This JCB shows what hand of god means. FD team able to rescue this gentle giant, though he tried to fight in the last. From Coorg. @sats45 @JCBmachines”

He added, “In end, there is a nudge for him to run Away in form of small cracker. Otherwise it could attack the rescuers or could have fallen again in the pit. Now he is safe & back to Forest. Every such rescue demands on the spot strategy. Great work by team.”

The video has been “liked” by more than 6,000 Twitter users, including the official handle of JCB machines. It has been viewed more than 67,000 times. Many Twitter users praised the effort by forest department officials and also had fun watching the elephant refusing outside help initially.




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