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“Australia must not think it can hide from China if it provokes”: China Warns Australia

Beijing: China has warned Australia that for participating in a joint military exercise with  Japan, USA and France. Chinese Communist Party has warned that Australian forces forces will be among the first to be hit.

“Australia’s military is too weak to be a worthy opponent of China, and if it dares to interfere in a military conflict, for example in the Taiwan Straits, its forces will be among the first to be hit. China does not really need to react to the exercise, since it is only a show that has little military significance ,” said Song Zhongping, a Communist Party military commentator.

“Does anyone really think this joint drill aimed at putting pressure on China would really frighten China. This so-called joint drill has no impact at all on China. It only costs them fuel”, Beijing’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

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Australia on last week joined Japan, the United States and France in in their  “first ever” joint military exercise.


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