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Operation Trojan Shield busts global drug ring, Millions seized in Cryptocurrency

Law enforcement authorities across the world joined hands together for a coordinated crackdown on international criminal groups. The mission was named Trojan Shield, they had a successful mission with the seizure of six tons of cocaine, five tons of cannabis, two tons of methamphetamine, and over $48 million in various currencies and cryptocurrencies. More than 800 criminals were arrested across 16 countries.

Millions were seized in cryptocurrencies, and law enforcement authorities penetrated more than 300 criminal syndicates. The agencies involved ‘carried out one of the largest and most sophisticated law enforcement operations to date in the fight against encrypted criminal activities,’ Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, deputy executive director of Europol, said. The agency has acknowledged that ‘countless spin-off operations will be carried out in the weeks to come.’

Amidst the rise of cryptocurrencies, governments globally are concerned about abuse by criminals. Breaking modern encryption is close to impossible, and authorities struggle to get the upper hand due to its decentralized setup. It’s impossible to pinpoint a specific target, and police have zero jurisdiction outside their local limit. While this has created a haven for criminals, agencies are ramping up their efforts and trying new tactics to take down these syndicates.


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