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Spooky spider webs cover Australian town after severe floods, pics surface

Victoria: In many parts of Gippsland in Victoria, Australia, blankets of spider webs have covered vast areas after flash floods swept through the region. The spooky pictures of the spider web have been gone viral throughout the internet.

Victoria was hit by heavy rainfall and excessive wind, last week, forcing thousands of individuals to evacuate. Flooded roads and paddocks disrupted the local spider populations, which are now seeking higher ground on road signs, trees, and any tall grass they can find. The East Gippsland town was one of many hardest-hit areas.

According to the experts, the spiders do not pose any harm, while locals call the phenomenon a ‘spider apocalypse’. Professor Dieter Hochuli of the University of Sydney stated that the cobwebs are a pure phenomenon and never an apocalypse.

As per Local studies, the phenomenon is named ballooning. Cooler climates have prompted spiders to cowl stretches of land in cloudlike cobwebs, in an attempt to shelter themselves from moist circumstances.


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