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Looking for a job abroad? The world’s happiest country welcomes you

Finland is the happiest country on earth. Historically, it was a relatively poor country in Europe. The situation is different today. Today, the country has made substantial economic and social progress. In recent years, Finnish citizens have topped the global happiness index. The doors of Finland have been opened to the world. Finland is now encouraging immigrants to come to the country.

In Finland, there is a severe shortage of workers at the moment. The rise in elderly people has caused this employment crisis. Also, the current population control policies make the problem worse. Only 39 percent of the country’s workforce is over 65, despite having just 5.52 million inhabitants. The UN predicts that by 2030, the aging-dependent ratio will exceed 47 percent. Over the last decade, more people have come to the country than have left. In 2019, more than 15,000 people immigrated to the country. However, the government believes that this is not enough. In order to maintain public services and settle pension arrears, the government estimates that 20,000-30,000 people need to come every year.

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However, the government is concerned that anti-immigrant sentiment and reluctance to hire foreigners will hinder this process. Despite living standards, freedom, and gender equality, the country is free from corruption, crime, and pollution. Spanish health workers, metalworkers from Slovakia, IT and marine specialists from Russia, India, and Southeast Asia will receive priority. In this regard, the country has come up with attractive plans.


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