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How often do you open the fridge? Then check out this viral tweet …

Most people started working from home due to the pandemic and since many of them cannot go out after work, they spend a lot of time surfing social media and watching videos. Getting bored is natural when we are in the same place and do the same things over and over again. Sometimes this boredom goes unnoticed. There are many ways in which boredom can manifest. Here is a method you should know about.

Are you prone to opening the fridge while just sitting in the living room, occasionally going to the kitchen, or while watching a series or a movie? Have you developed the habit of eating something at all times? There are people who eat to cope with emotional problems like boredom, frustration, and anger. It is something psychologists themselves point out. Hunger makes the mind flee from emotional problems instead of actually feeling hungry.

People who belong to this group will understand this viral tweet now, of course. The image was originally shared by ‘ralph’, a Twitter user. The fridge is stocked with plenty of food. Inside, there is a small note on a piece of paper.

‘You are not hungry. You are bored. Shut the damn door’. As mentioned earlier, the note shares the principle that we can remind ourselves of our boredom when we are not aware of it. Twitter has been flooded with pictures from people going through a similar situation. The most common comment is ‘This is for me’. Quite simply, so many people are stuck in a rut. Earlier, Ralph shared an interesting picture of getting into trouble at work while someone was watching. On social media, the post also received a great deal of attention.


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