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Martial arts class turns fatal: 7-year-old dies

Taiwan: A 7-year-old child died on Tuesday, after being removed from life support. He suffered serious brain damage during a judo class in which he was repeatedly tossed to demonstrate that he wasn’t up to the task of martial arts.

According to local media reports, the Taiwanese boy, named Wei Wei, has been on life support for over 70 days since April 21. On Tuesday, when physicians at Fengyuan Hospital notified the boy’s family that his blood pressure and heart rate were both falling, they decided to withdraw him from life support.

The April judo lesson was filmed by the child’s uncle. He did so to show the boy’s mother that judo might not be a suitable fit for him.

An older student is seen repeatedly tossing the child in the horrific video. As the session progresses, the victim can be heard shouting ‘my leg,’ ‘my head,’ and ‘I don’t want it!’ Despite his frantic pleas for assistance, his coach instructs him to stand up and allows the older student to continue tossing him to the ground.

When the youngster ultimately passes out, the coach — who was later discovered without a license — accuses him of faking it. The youngster experienced serious brain haemorrhaging as a result of the class and fell into a coma.

Reportedly, the coach, who is in his late 60s, identified by his last name, Ho, was released on $3,583 bail earlier this month and has been charged with physical assault resulting in serious injury and using a minor to commit a crime, a charge that will soon be upgraded to ‘injury causing death.’ If convicted, he faces a sentence of seven years to life in prison.


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