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Missing social media posts and fake messages deepen ‘MP murder mystery’

Madhya Pradesh: The police struggle to locate 21-year-old Rupali’s mobile phone following the discovery of five skeletons in Dewas district, Madhya Pradesh. On May 13, she and four other members of her family were murdered and buried in a 10-foot-deep pit under the Nemawar police station a few hundred metres from their rented home.

Her mother Mamta Bai Kaste (45), younger sister Divya (14), and cousins Pooja Oswal (15) and Pawan Oswal (14) were missing from their home. The police unearthed their skeletons during an investigation. Rupali’s phone is alleged to have been used to send incorrect messages and upload fictitious social media posts about the deceased.

Rupali’s phone is the key piece of evidence.
Rupali’s mobile phone was used to send fake messages to Pooja and Pawan’s mother, Neetu, claiming that all three were alive. Police may eventually close the case as a result. Additionally, the police suspect Rupali uploaded a picture of Surendra Chauhan’s fiance on Instagram as an act of revenge against him. According to the police, Surendra Chauhan got engaged to someone else. Rupali was not happy with this and posted the photo of Surendra’s fiance along with her phone number. As a result, Surendra killed Rupali and her family members.

‘This angered Surendra, who decided to eliminate her. Two of his workers dug a pit in his field and invited Rupali on May 13 around 11 pm. Now he claims that he called her to discuss his marriage. He thought that if anyone remained alive, he would be the prime suspect because he was a regular at their home,’ the police said.

“Rupali and her sisters were raped”
Authorities investigating the case suspect that Surendra raped Rupali on May 13 before killing her. He then called Pawan to pick up family members, saying Rupali needed to be hospitalized since ‘she tried to commit suicide’. The police theory states that the four other members of the family were killed by strangulation at the spot in batches. Sources claim that Rupali and her sister’s bodies were found in a pit without clothes on them. However, no rape case has been reported yet.

A breakthrough came with two FIRs

The case came to the attention of the police after Rupali’s elder sister Bharati, who lives in Pithumpura, filed a missing complaint.  A complaint was also filed in Indore by Pooja and Pawan’s mother Neetu after she received text messages from Rupali’s phone.

On May 27, Neetu received a message from Rupali’s phone saying that she had been married and that everyone was fine. Neetu wanted to talk to her children, but Rupali insisted on communicating via WhatsApp. Her suspicions were heightened after Rupali wrote in one message that she was getting her daughter married soon. After Neetu approached the Nemawar police, a kidnapping case was filed against Rupali, who was already dead.

Killers tried to mislead the police
Rakesh Nemore, a friend of the main accused, Surendra Chouhan, handled the mobile phone, according to the police. Rakesh allegedly used Rupali’s phone to text Neetu. The killers misled the police by posting messages on social media sites through Rupali’s profile, claiming that she got married as she had wished and that her two siblings, two cousins, and her mother were all with her.

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According to Rupali’s phone records, the police learned that Surendra Chouhan lived in Rupali’s neighborhood. Surendra Chouhan was then questioned by the police, but he evaded questions about his relationship with Rupali. In early May, police kept close watch on him and found he was in constant contact with Rakesh Nemore and four others. Surendra Chauhan, Rakesh Nemore (26), Bhuru (22), Vivek Tiwari (24), Manoj (21), Karan (21) and Rajkumar (18) were all arrested on June 29.


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