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‘Bryum Bharatiensis’: India’s new discovery in Antarctica

New Delhi: Indian scientists have  discovered a new plant species in Antarctica. The new species of Moss has been named ‘Bryum bharatiensis’ by the scientists. Bharati is the name of the Hindu goddess of learning and also the name of India’s polar research station in Antarctica.

The polar biologists from the Central University of Punjab along with Prof Felix Bast have discovered the dark green specie at Larsemann Hills, overlooking the Southern Ocean, in January 2017. This is located near India’s polar station Bharati.

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Professor Bast conducted taxonomic assessments on the samples of the plant collected along with his PhD student Wahid Ul Rahman and collaborator Kriti Gupta, who is the head of the Botany department, DAV college, Bhatinda. The research revealed that this plant mainly grew in areas where penguins bred in large numbers as Penguin poop has nitrogen.

The study has been selected in the leading international journal, Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity.


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