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Dulhan ka swag! Kerala bride dances to Indian song in traditional red silk saree

Nothing speaks more eloquently of the lovely Indian culture than a bride dressed in traditional clothing, looking magnificent in her wedding saree on her wedding day. What’s even more thrilling is when the bride ups her game and dances like no one’s watching in that attire during her wedding.

People are having a lot of fun reviewing and watching vintage wedding videos during the COVID-19-induced lockdown. One such video, in which a Kerala bride can be seen dancing at her wedding, has gone popular on social media.

The bride steals the stage in the video, dressed in a red silk saree and winning the hearts of the guests with her swagger moves to popular South Indian songs.

The bride dons cool black aviators during one of the songs and danced her heart out with her pals at her side. TGO Wedding Films published the video on YouTube, where it has received over 3,836,889 views so far. The video was uploaded on April 7, 2021.


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