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No government jobs for those violating child limit policy: UP’s new draft bill

Uttar Pradesh: The first draft of the proposed population control bill was issued by the Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission on Friday. The draft bill contains measures that would prevent anyone with more than two children from receiving government benefits and advantages reserved for those who adhere to the two-child policy.

The law aims to ban violators of the two-child policy from participating in local body elections or applying for government employment, according to UP State Law Commission Chairman Justice AN Mittal. The measure also sets a maximum of four ration card units.

Employees who follow the two-child policy will be eligible for benefits such as two additional increments over the course of their career, a subsidised plot or home purchase, a utility bill rebate, and a 3% rise in their Employee Provident Fund (EPF) under the National Pension Scheme. Those who have a single kid will get four extra increments, as well as free healthcare and education for their child until they reach the age of twenty.

The law seeks to give refunds on water and energy bills, house taxes, and home loans to people who are not in government employment but follow the two-child policy. As per Mittal, the bill also encourages vasectomy and sterilise.

Mittal said the draft bill has been posted on the official website of the UP law commission and is open to public comment. The deadline for submitting suggestions is July 19, 2021.

In situations of polygamy and polyandry, Mittal stated there would be no exceptions. ‘Those who object must understand that the government cannot spend taxpayer money in those who have more than two children,’ Mittal added.


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