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‘Turning point’, that’s how Deepika reminisces about Veronica in Cocktail

Deepika Padukone has gone a long way since her debut, and Veronica, one of the characters she played in Cocktail, is a personal favorite of hers. This truth was disclosed by her in a recent interview with a prominent newspaper, as the picture celebrated its 9th anniversary today. Not only that, Deepika also talked about how playing Veronica was a ‘turning point’ in both her professional and personal life.

Speaking about the same, Deepika shared, ‘I’ve always believed that while you put a little part of yourself in every character you play, you also carry a part of that character with you forever. And therefore, Veronica will always be one of the most special characters I’ve played on screen; one that changed a lot for me professionally and impacted me personally.’

For those who don’t know, Veronica was a fiery young lady who wore her emotions on her sleeve and lived by her own set of rules. The film tells the narrative of how her life changes once she meets Meera and Gautam, alias Diana Penty and Saif Ali Khan. Deepika recalls having ‘butterflies’ in her stomach as she prepared for Veronica’s part, but also knew that she was ready for the role.

She revealed that the script for Meera aka Diana’s part was initially written for her. Imtiaz Ali, on the other hand, contacted her and requested her to re-read it with Veronica’s additions. ‘After a few days of contemplation, I realized what he meant and saw what he saw.’ She also praised Cocktail director Homi Adajania for giving her the confidence to portray Veronica.

The relationship between Deepika, Saif, and Diana’s on-screen characters left many feeling sympathetic, and the film managed to make a particular place in the hearts of cine lovers. Deepika’s portrayal of an extroverted, vulnerable girl appears to be extremely different from her past roles, and as a result, she managed to make an impression on her admirers as well.


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