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Space travel: Jeff gets ready to jet off!

New York: The billionaires on Earth have found a new tourist destination and it is ‘Space’. The American billionaire, Jeff Bezos is all set to travel to space on Tuesday.

The Amazon founder will travel in a space jet named ‘New Shepard’ of Blue Origin. New Shepard’s launch will take place on Tuesday at Launch Site One in West Texas. New Shepard is a fully reusable, vertical takeoff, vertical landing (VTVL) space vehicle. It is about 18m in height and 4m wide. The capsule has six massive observation windows which will give a spectacular view for the astronauts.

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Bezos is accompanied by his brother Mark and two others who will become the oldest and youngest astronauts. Wally Funk, a woman aged 82 is on the team along with Oliver Daemen, a teenager from the Netherlands. He is the first paying customer of Blue Origin.

The team will spend a few minutes beyond the Karman Line. Karman Line is the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space.


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