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Actress turns role model – gets emotional on ill treatment of elders

Mithila Palkar is a well-known actress in the entertainment industry who has played a number of noteworthy parts in films and television series. As the performer addressed one of society’s most important concerns, individuals leaving their elderly parents and grandparents, she expressed her dissatisfaction with videos showing the plight of abandoned older persons.

Speaking about the same, she shares: ‘My heart sank when I saw those videos and it went out to the seniors who didn’t have any place to go to. I saw a video of an old man who was abandoned and was living on the streets. It was unbelievable and I have heard many such stories.’

Palkar, who is close with her parents and grandparents, bemoans the callousness of individuals who abandon their elderly parents. ‘It is not my upbringing, so I can’t fathom how someone would do so. Moreover, if anything I am overprotective of my parents and grandparents and they have to tell me to leave them alone (laughs). I was heartbroken to hear old parents thrown out of the house by their children in the pandemic. The least we can do is take care of them in their old age. They were there for us when we were young and we should be there for them in their old age.’

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She concluded: ‘I also want to help those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. But it is a raw thought which occurred to me. I will have to understand how things work in that space and it will take time before it materializes. I will start research to understand their needs and how to help them by connecting people who are doing so. Many NGOs are doing fantastic work in this area, and I plan to work with them and gain some experience first. I intend to go to old age homes and learn about their requirements, then try to provide those needs.’


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