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‘Making hay while the sun shines’ at Kundra’s expense

The arrest of Raj Kundra in connection with the pornographic film scam has caused quite a stir around town. And, although he is being held in judicial detention until July 23, the country is awash in a commentary. In fact, Kundra has been ridiculed on social media as a result of the memes. In the midst of all, Gehana Vasisth has come out in favour of Raj Kundra.

In a conversation with a leading daily, Gehana stated that people are taking advantage of the situation. ‘The memes that are doing the rounds, everything has a phase. Everything that is in the trend, people tend to make memes about it and make money out of it. It is just like making hay while the sun shines.’

Meanwhile, Gehana remarked that the films directed by Raj that she is aware of are bold and erotic. ‘Police and people should understand that there is a huge difference between porn and erotica,’ she added.

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Kundra, on the other hand, was dubbed the ‘chief conspirator’ in the case by Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale upon his arrest on July 19.


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