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Simple exercise for stiff neck

The sedentary lifestyle coupled with long hours spent working on a laptop can lead to stiff shoulders and neck. However, rather than relying on pain-relieving ointments that only provide temporary relief, one should try easy stretching exercises that can provide immediate relief and improve posture at the same time.

Fitness enthusiast Ankita Konwar showed how to use foam rollers or even a tennis ball to ease the pain. ‘This is one of the simplest ways to open up the shoulders and neck. PS – any stretch works best if you hold it for at least 30 seconds,’ she mentioned.

Steps to follow: 

Place the foam roller right below your shoulder blades.

Support your neck.

While lying on the foam roller or tennis ball, roll in and out.

Benefits of foam rolling for the neck and shoulders:

Exercise of any kind or even no exercise at all can cause stiffness in the shoulders and neck. The self-myofascial release (SMR) technique relieves muscle tension, soreness, improves flexibility and increases range of motion in joints. Using foam rolling before and after exercise can be a great way to warm up and cool down.

Regular foam rolling helps prevent injuries and strengthens muscles.


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