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China builds the largest detention facility in the world

In the far west region of Xinjiang, China built the world’s largest detention center. More than 10,000 people can be housed in this center, which spans over 220 acres and is twice the size of Vatican City. Some parts of the center have been photographed. Following several stabbings and bombings by extremist Uyghurs from Xinjiang in the past four years, it has been reported that China has placed a lakh or more minorities at such centers.

According to the AP, China describes it as a war against terror. However, researchers say that many innocent people are often thrown in detention centers for things like traveling abroad or attending religious gatherings. Satellite images show that a new building about a mile long was added to this center in Dabangcheng in 2019. China is believed to be planning to keep Uyghurs and other minorities, especially Muslims, in captivity on a large scale.

After heavy international criticism, China cleared the creation of such centers in 2019. Earlier, it had completely denied the existence of such centers. It was said that all the people kept there had graduated. As one of its most controversial aspects, the so-called vocational training centers were described by the captives as brutal detention camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards. According to satellite images and interviews with experts and ex-prisoners, training centers may have been closed, but some have been converted into jails or detention centers.

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Apart from converting old training centers into detention centers, new facilities have also been built, including a new detention center on 85 acres down road number three in Dabangcheng. The security officers at the Detention Center wear protective suits. Detention center walls are covered with guard towers, where security officers keep watch. The Director of the Urumqi Public Security Bureau, Zhao Zhongwei, asserted that there is no connection between the Detention Center and Training Center, no one has ever been there.


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