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Priyamani’s marriage with Mustafa is ‘invalid’, his first wife says

Kochi: Priyamani’s marriage to Mustafa Raj has been challenged by his first wife Ayesha, claiming that she is still married to him. In 2013, Mustafa and Ayesha separated and in 2017 he married Priyamani.

The couple, Mustafa Raj and Ayesha, has two children. He said that this is an attempt at extortion, since he is providing child support.

In an interview with a major newspaper, he said, ‘The charges against me are false. I am paying the children’s maintenance to Ayesha regularly. She is merely trying to extort money from me.’ He asked why she waited so long to press charges, which also included domestic violence.

According to Ayesha, ‘Mustafa is still married to me. Priyamani and Mustafa’s marriage is invalid. We have not even filed for divorce, and Mustafa declared in court before getting married that he was a bachelor.’ As for the delay, she replied, ‘As a mother of two children, what can you do? One tries to sort it out amicably, but when that fails, some steps should be taken since you do not want to lose time that he has been using against me.’

Priyamani, a cousin of actress Vidya Balan, became well-known to pan-Indian audiences after appearing in Amazon Prime Video’s Family Man alongside Manoj Bajpayee. Prior to that, she had acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films. She has also won a National Film Award.

In a recent interview, she referred to Mustafa Raj as her lucky charm. ‘Personally for me, I have become busier after marriage. That is why I always say that Mustafa has been my lucky charm. I thank God daily that I have a wonderful partner like him who supports me professionally,’ she told Bollywood Bubble.


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