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Breaking News: India launches anti-drone technology to counter Pakistan

Hyderabad: At a time when identifying and negating drone attacks have become a new challenge at the international borders in Jammu and Kashmir, central security agencies met on Monday with various companies to devise effective solutions to foil the designs of enemies, especially at the borders. A drone carrying explosives, sent from Pakistan, was shot down by security forces in J&K a few days ago.

The summit was organized by the National Industrial Security Academy (NISA) in Hakimpet on ‘Application of drones and anti-drone technologies,’ and it was attended by representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office, College of Defence Management, and the Air Force.

A number of companies demonstrated how drones can be used to solve security-related problems during this meeting. Security agencies have different requirements for anti-drone technologies for which they are looking for on-ground solutions. During the six-month development period, the companies wanted to develop real-time anti-drone technologies. A company demonstrated a solution for jamming GPS or neutralizing software (soft handling) so a drone sent by the enemy can’t work. If both fail, the security agencies can physically open fire on the drone.

In addition, some companies gave solutions on how drones can be used in conventional policing and natural disaster management. For mining and other similar industrial units, drones can be used to patrol and observe the field from a bird’s eye view, rather than conventional methods of physical policing. The NISA director, CV Anand, said, ‘there are drones embedded with artificial intelligence that can track the movement of suspicious people or vehicles from a remote location’.

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Furthermore, in case of a fire accident, flooding or another disaster, a drone can be used to locate trapped persons and identify points of access to enter the area and rescue them. According to him, this technology was used in Indonesia during a major fire accident in a building. The PMO and Ministry of Home Affairs have recently held multiple meetings on anti-drone solutions, and NISA was tasked with identifying technology before it is used by central security agencies at international borders and sensitive installations like airports.


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