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Man gets selected for job interview after writing ‘googling’ as a skill in CV

Every now and then, fascinating and unusual resumes published by people seeking their ideal employment cause a stir on social media. These CVs may sometimes properly emphasize a candidate’s particular talent that will benefit them in the job they are looking for, and they can also make people chuckle.

A similar little story concerning a candidate’s resume, however, has gone viral. This time, it’s due to a specific ‘skill’ stated in the candidate’s resume. A post detailing this addition was posted by a Twitter user and the tweet has since gotten a lot of attention on social media.

‘Got a CV today and the guy literally listed one of his skills as ‘googling. We’re interviewing him,’ shared Twitter user Cat McGee.

Since being tweeted on July 23, the tweet has gotten over 1.8 lakh likes and a number of reactions. ‘You would be surprised how many people can’t properly Google. I am not talking about the technical use of browser and Google. I am talking about writing the proper keywords, excluding some or try and test different phrases,’ one commented. ‘Got one where hobby was scrolling Insta reels,’ shared another.

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In one of the comments, McGee highlighted that the candidate’s CV was excellent overall.


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