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‘Clash of Gangs’ by monkey troops bring traffic to a halt in Thailand street

Most people associate gang fights with movies and television shows, but they are now a reality on Thailand’s streets. However, the brawl is not between humans, but between rival monkey gangs! The brawl was so intense that it halted traffic and caused a traffic jam. The bizarre footage, which was captured by a bystander, is now going viral.

Two large groups of monkeys were seen charging at each other fiercely in videos that went viral, terrifying commuters at a crossroad. People on motorcycles and cars were seen waiting as the simians continued their brawl, while a few tried to steer clear of the chaos, fearing they would be caught in the crossfire.

The incident came to light when a Facebook user, Wisrut Suwanphak, shared a couple of videos capturing the scary duel. The post went viral not just in Thailand but outside as well with over 10,000 shares.

The bizarre incident occurred near Prang Sam Yot, in front of Phra Kan Shrine in Lopburi, a popular tourist destination known for its thousands of monkeys. The primates have been struggling to find food due to Covid-19 restrictions that kept tourists out of the city and a lockdown that kept even most locals inside. Hunger appears to have sparked the conflict between the two groups.


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