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Chucky the killer doll is back, the horror icon’s terrifying new TV show

Fans of the ‘Child’s Play’ movies won’t want to miss the first teaser trailer for the upcoming ‘Chucky’ TV show, which was released on Friday. A teenage boy buys a Good Guy doll at a garage sale in the video. Following the teen’s departure, the house’s owners discover that a butcher knife has also been taken.

The show’s main character is a gay 14-year-old boy who makes art out of doll parts, according to showrunner Don Mancini (who also created the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise). ‘He buys Chucky at a yard sale,’ Mancini explained, ‘but it turns out he gets a lot more than he bargained for.’

‘Chucky’ will premiere on October 12 on USA and SyFy. The teaser trailer is embedded below.



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