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Woman checks sea otter’s temperature, check Viral video

After a short video tweeted by Buitengebieden went viral on social media, a video featuring a sea otter has sparked quite a debate on the internet. The 16-second video was shared on Twitter and has already received over 4 lakh views.

The sea otter’s temperature was checked with a digital thermometer in the clip, and the animal’s reaction to the entire episode was what the short clip was meant to capture. The caption of the photo reads, ‘The reaction of this sea otter after checking his temperature.’

As soon as the video went viral, people began posting their reactions in the comments section on social media. The clip has clearly divided the internet in its opinions on the episode, as evidenced by the comments.

On the one hand, some users thought the video was ‘cute,’ but on the other hand, many others thought the scene depicted ‘animal abuse.’

‘It was probably trained to expect fish with that hand gesture,’ one user speculated, ‘and is wondering if it was a really small fish that it swallowed without tasting.’ ‘I don’t feel quite so good about this video now,’ another added.


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