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Pakistani army thrashes Afghan refugees; Disputes at the border

Islamabad: The Pakistani government shows no mercy to Afghan refugees. A clash broke out between Afghan refugees and Pakistani soldiers near the Chaman border. Pakistan and Afghanistan share a border with Chaman. Pakistan’s military is repressing those who lost their homes and property to the Taliban attack. An Afghan man, 56, died of a heart attack at the border. Refugees complain that people who cross the border on foot are not considered.

In international media reports, Pakistan’s military is providing all possible assistance to the terrorists, which is causing great hardship for the refugees. Pakistani public officials marched with the body to the Pakistani government office.

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While protesters started throwing stones, tear gas was used to control them. All Taliban-held border areas were closed on August 6. Pakistan became the destination for those who fled the country after the threat. 900 trucks brought the refugees to the Pakistan border. Various international NGOs are working with the Pakistani government to provide assistance to the refugees.


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