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A great Royal salute: India’s Mission Kabul

There has been a steady flow of Indian Air Force planes transporting Indians stranded in Afghanistan for the last few days. Even though it sounds very easy to see and hear, we should also be aware of how much hard work and diplomacy the Indian government has put into it. To begin with, there is no direct plane route to Afghanistan. As always, Pakistan poses a major obstacle in this regard. This is why Indian planes have to take a long route through Iran.

For this, the Government of India first obtained permission from Iran to use its airspace for Indian aircraft. It was not easy to obtain this approval since no country allows other countries to use its airspace. However, the Indian government was able to obtain this permission from Iran. Although the Indian aircraft had been granted permission to land in Kabul, they couldn’t land directly there. Because India’s relations with the Taliban have never been good.

Keeping Indian planes for a long time at Kabul airport posed two problems. One, the Indian government could not rely on Taliban and second the chaos and huge crowds at the airport made it impossible for planes to remain there. The Government of India found an alternative solution to this problem. It approached Kazakhstan’s airport for this purpose. Indian diplomacy once again succeeded and Indian planes were permitted to park at Kazakhstan airport before flying into Kabul.

since the Taliban captured Afghanistan, they have put up their posts at a range of places and conduct thorough searches of every person entering Kabul airport. Also, the chaos at the airport made it impossible for Indians to gather there. This problem was eventually solved by the Indian authorities when they set up a large garage near the Kabul airport which could house 150 to 200 Indians at a time.

Indians gather from dawn to dusk as Indian officials bring back our stranded people from their accommodations to this temporary safe house, maneuvering around the numerous Taliban checkposts every time. As soon as enough Indians gather in the garage the information is handed over to Indian Air Force officials in Kazakhstan and US officials at the Kabul airport.

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The US Army controls both the ATS and the security of Kabul Airport. Following this, the US Army gives clearance for the Indian plane to land. On getting clearance, Indian Air Force plane standing in Kazakhstan flies into Kabul. By the time the plane lands, all the Indians from the garage reach the airport in US Army cars, immediately board the plane and within 15 minutes the Indian Air Force plane flies towards India with its citizens.

A great royal salute to all the officials and officers whose tireless dedication, hard work and great teamwork resulted in pulling of such herculean task which will end only when each and every Indian is out from Afghanistan.


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