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‘A woman without Hijab is a sliced melon’: Taliban leader

Kabul: Kabul: A video of a Taliban leader comparing a woman without Hijab to a sliced melon has ignited outrage on the social media. ‘Do you buy a sliced melon or an intact melon? A woman without Hijab is like a sliced melon’, the Taliban leader can be heard in the video shared by a journalist.

Hijab, the veil that covers the head, hair and chest and is often worn by Muslim women has been a point of discussion ever since the Talibans took over Afghanistan. Taliban has ordered all women in the country to wear hijab when outside and those attending private universities must wear an abaya robe and niqab covering most of the face.

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Earlier this week, the Taliban announced that only a woman teacher would be allowed to teach female students, but that if it was not possible, elderly males of excellent character might fill in. The Taliban had also ordered to separate classes based on gender, or at least separated by a curtain. Taliban has also imposed a ban on women to participate in sports. Ahmadullah Wasiq, deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission said that sports activities were not necessary for women.

‘I don’t think women will be allowed to play cricket since it is not necessary for women to play cricket. In cricket, people may find themselves in a scenario where their face and body are exposed. Women are not allowed to be viewed in this way in Islam. It is the age of the media, therefore there will be images and films, and people will watch them. “Islam and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan forbid women from playing cricket or other sports in which they are exposed’, said Wasiq.


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