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Afghanistan’s Taliban government will use Pakistani currency for bilateral trade: Report

Pakistan announced its economic plans for Afghanistan on Thursday (September 9, 2021) which revealed that bilateral trade between the two countries will be conducted in Pakistani rupees. This step is being referred to as Pakistan’s attempt to control Afghanistan’s economy. According to a report in News18, Pakistan is targeting Afghanistan’s economy with this development after gaining access to its army and intelligence.

Earlier, bilateral trade between the two countries took place in the US dollar, according to the report. Furthermore, the Afghan currency at that time was stronger. After this move, Pakistan’s currency will have a stronghold over Afghan traders and business leaders. The Taliban still controls Afghanistan and the economic crisis could make matters worse for the country and its citizens. Nearly 80 percent of Afghanistan’s budget comes from international sources, says the report.

Taliban announced their male-dominated interim government on Tuesday. It is expected to hold its inauguration ceremony on September 11, 2021, which is also the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States. The report cited top sources as saying this development was Pakistan’s attempt to enter the Afghan economy; the country already had an army and intelligence services. Upon the introduction of Pakistan’s currency, the Afghan currency’s value will drop, and then all trade and business will depend on Pakistan’s price and volume, forcing the Taliban to supply drugs only to Pakistan, the report stated.

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Meanwhile, the Taliban are being shunned by journalists, women, activists and university students. While demonstrations are being held against the outfit, the new government is enforcing restrictions to curtail the rising voices against it. In addition, the international community has shown little interest in recognizing the interim government led by the Taliban.



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