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Covid vaccination affects mental health? This study proves, Yes!

Two doses of covid vaccine can help you out of the pandemic fright, but could these vaccines also help to fight mental distress? A study conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Southern California, published in the PLoS journal proved them to be positive.

The study was aimed at assessing, if receiving the first dose of the vaccine led to short-term changes in mental distress, especially since the economic uncertainties and health risks linked to Covid-19 pandemic had led to a significant increase in mental distress in the population. The study found out that, people who were vaccinated between December 2020 and March 2021 reported ‘decreased mental levels in the surveys conducted after receiving the first dose.’

‘The results here should be interpreted as the short-term direct effects of getting a first vaccine dose. The overall contribution of vaccine uptake on improving mental health outcomes is potentially much larger, as it affects not only those vaccinated but also the unvaccinated,’ the researchers stated. ‘The effects we identify could arise from one of or a combination of mechanisms. Those recently vaccinated may become less worried about getting infected, they may become more active socially, or they may venture into different work opportunities’. They added.

The the study also proved that, it is possible, individuals who were more likely to recover from mental distress, were also more likely to decide to get vaccinated. They suggested future researchers to investigate the mechanisms through which the vaccine shot achieved such effects.

According to the study, even unvaccinated person benefits from the reduced frequency rates in the population. It makes them less anxious about their loved ones catching the infection. They also benefits from increased social and economic opportunities, particularly if the vaccine rollout results in more social and economic activity, due to lower disease risk.

The participants took the four-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-4), which measured the correspondence between vaccine status and mental distress as a part of its methodology, and the researchers successfully conducted the study, with proven results. Covid vaccines are thus expected to reduce health risks, improve economic and social outcomes, which would then have potential benefits to mental health. So, get your vaccine doses as soon as possible, to stay physically, mentally and socially fit.


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