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‘Uppum Mulakum’ actress Juhi Rustagi’s mother dies in accident

‘Uppum mulakum’ serial fame Juhi Rustagi’s mother, Bhagyalakshmi Raghuveer, has passed away. The death occurred following a road accident at Ernakulam. The lorry collided with the car and she died on the spot. Actress Juhi Rustagi, who has garnered attention through the ‘Uppum mulakum’ series, has been vocal in the media about her mother.

Juhi’s mother and brother were traveling in a car when it collided with the lorry. The remains are now being held at Sunrise Hospital. It is learned that the funeral will take place tomorrow itself. The funeral will take place at Juhi’s mother’s house in Chottanikkara, according to sources.

Earlier today, another death announcement shocked moviegoers, actors, and activists alike. Valiyashala Ramesh, an actor, was found dead. The sudden death of the star, who was generally happy, shocked everyone. Many found it hard to believe. It is learned that the unexpected demise of the actor, who was seen happily at the cinema location two days ago, was not even accepted by many. He happily returned after starring in the film Varal. The activists also came to know about the demise of Ramesh who returned after completing his part.

Juhi’s mother’s death was also tragic. This was quite unexpected news for Lechu’s(Juhi’s character in uppum mulakum) fans. Everyone who knew her has paid tribute to Lechu’s mother on social media. Half Malayalee, half Rajasthani, Juhi Rustagi often shared his family history with his fans. Juhi’s father was a businessman in Ernakulam. His name was Raghuveer Sharan Rustagi.

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Bhagyalakshmi hails from Chottanikkara. Juhi’s brother’s name is Chirag. The accident happened today while Bhagyalakshmi was traveling with Chirag. Earlier, Raghuveer also passed away. According to the actress, her father’s death left a huge void in her life, and it took some time for her to come out of it.

Juhi’s mother accompanied her to the location and to the interviews when she became active on the miniscreen. It is also a great loss for Juhi, who was very close to his mother. No information has yet been released about the brother’s health. Fans pray that nothing terrible happens. In addition, fans pray for Juhi’s strength to endure this hardship. The family lived in Irubanam.


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