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Pakistani spy enters unofficial Whatsapp groups to entrap Indian Army soldiers

A Pakistani agent is believed to have tried to honeytrap seven Indian Army men after gaining access to two unofficial Whatsapp groups of defense personnel. An additional deputy commissioner of police (ADCP), investigation, Rupinder Kaur Bhatti, alleged the Pakistani intelligence operative (PIO), who was believed to be a woman, entered two Whatsapp groups after befriending a resident of Ludhiana through Facebook.

She introduced herself as Jasleen Brar and claimed that she worked in the Indian Army’s accounts branch in Bathinda Cantt. In order to win Singh’s trust, the PIO used some audio recordings of Army battalions moving. Jaswinder Singh, a Ludhiana factory worker, provided her with three different cell phone numbers that were used to access unofficial Whatsapp groups of defense personnel – ‘Western cmd mutual posting’ and ‘MES information update’.

As soon as the Pakistani operative entered these two Whatsapp groups, he began chatting with seven defense personnel, trying to set them up as honey traps. An officer at the PIO said WhatsApp chats confirmed contact between seven members of the defence team. ‘We are analyzing these Whatsapp chats to determine whether the PIO managed to honey trap this defense personnel,’ he said.

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On Monday, the Ludhiana Police arrested Jaswinder Singh, a resident of Uchi Daud village Maloud, in connection with the espionage case for allegedly helping the PIO to honeytrap defence personnel. According to Jaswinder, the PIO deposited Rs 10,000 in his bank account with the help of the ‘PhonePe’ app. In accordance with the instructions of the PIO, he transferred the funds to another account in Pune, Maharashtra. He was further directed to go to Jaipur in order to collect a CD from there.



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