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Longest mission on space station: Chinese astronauts return successfully

For the first time, China has successfully flown three astronauts to and from Beijing’s space station for the longest mission on Friday. The taikonauts Liu Boming, Tang Hongbo, and Nie Haisheng returned after a 90-day stay on China’s new space station, called Tiangong. The earth-orbitting station is a module with a living quarter for astronauts which is 54 foot long. China aims to build a 66-ton space station eventually.

The US law makers have debarred Chinese astronauts from the International Space Station, which is roughly the length of a football field and weighs 450 tons. The International Space Station will become inoperative in 2030s. China is planning to send taikonauts on missions for six months to the Chinese Space Station after it’s construction. The Director of Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, Dmitry Rogozin told the media that Russia might send its own cosmonauts to the Chinese Space Station. The Chinese Space Station expects astronauts from other counties as well.


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